Temperature Control Modules


The compact WTC3243 temperature controller module achieves 0.0009°C temperature stability. Its award winning package can be integrated with a heatsink, thermal washer and fans for easy prototyping, especially when used with the dedicated evaluation PCB.


Wrapped around the WTC3243, the WTC3293-14001 is a mini-instrument temperature controller with a temperature display and onboard adjustments. Simple to set up this handy instrument quickly locks in on to your setpoint.


The WHY5640 is a general purpose, low cost, analogue PI (Proportional, Integral) control loop for use in thermoelectric or resistive heater temperature control applications.

HTC Series

The advanced and reliable circuitry of the HTC series Temperature Controllers achieves 0.0009°C temperature stability.


A unipolar temperature controller designed for applications that require a unidirectional current to either heat or cool a load at off-ambient temperatures.

PTC-CH Series

The PTC-CH series chassis mount temperature controller deliver precision performance and long-term reliability and are found in such diverse applications as particle and droplet measurement, manufacturing machine vision systems, bio-molecular interaction analysis, etc.

Models available

HTC1500ComponentSIP PCB1.5A
HTC1500-62ComponentSIP PCB1.5A
HTC3000ComponentSIP PCB3A
HTC3000-62ComponentSIP PCB3A
HTC4000-62ComponentSIP PCB4A
MPT2500ModuleBenchtop or Chassis2.5A
MPT5000ModuleBenchtop or Chassis5A
MPT10000ModuleBenchtop or Chassis10A
PID1500ComponentSIP PCB1.5A
PTC2.5K-CHModuleBenchtop or Chassis2.5A
PTC5000ComponentSIP PCB5A
PTC5K-CHModuleBenchtop or Chassis5A
PTC10000ComponentSIP PCB10A
PTC10K-CHModuleBenchtop or Chassis10A
PTC10K-SLModuleBenchtop or Chassis10A
RHM5K-CHModuleBenchtop or Chassis5A
WHY5640ComponentDIP PCB2.2A
WTC3293-14001Mini InstrumentBenchtop or Chassis2A
WTC3243ComponentDIP PCB2.2A
WTC3243HBComponentDIP PCB2.2A
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