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EverGuard® BenchGuard Barriers are laser protective barriers for use on optical benches.

Additional information

These bench mount barriers are constructed of black anodised, light-diffusing, textured EverGuard® material to absorb and diffuse laser beams. EverGuard® is safety rated in excess of 1200 W/cm2 for at least 3 minutes.

These barriers are available as standard in 4 widths and 2 heights, or can be made to a custom size to suit your application needs and simply bolt on to your bench. The black anodised BenchGuard™ H-Channel Straight and Corner Connectors provide light blocking between barrier panels.

Protective Ratings according to BS EN 12254:2010

190-315 D AB10 + AB4
>315-1050 D AB7
>315-1400 IR AB8 + M AB7
>1050-1400 D AB7

>1400-11100 AB5 + R AB3


KEN-PT-EB1212 w 12" x h 12"
KEN-PT-EB1812 w 18" x h 12"
KEN-PT-EB2412 w 24" x h 12"
KEN-PT-EB3612 w 36" x h 12"
KEN-PT-EB1218 w 12" x h 18"
KEN-PT-EB1818 w 18" x h 18"
KEN-PT-EB2418 w 24" x h 18"
KEN-PT-EB3618 w 36" x h 18"
KEN-PT-EBCUST Custom size Bench-Mount, Matte Black or Custom Colour
KEN-PT-EBH12 H-Style Straight Connector for Bench-Mount Barrier, 12 "
KEN-PT-EBH18 H-Style Straight Connector for Bench-Mount Barrier, 18 "
KEN-PT-EBCC12 Corner Connector for Bench-Mount Barrier, 12"
KEN-PT-EBCC18 Corner Connector for Bench-Mount Barrier, 18"


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