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LaserBee Software

LaserBee laser safety software, has established an enviable track record as being the program of choice for laser safety filter calculations. Easily perform calculations for NOHD, MPE, Laser Class, Eyewear ratings and more.

Additional information

Complying with current EN 60825-1, EN 60825-2, EN 60825-14, EN 207, EN 208 and IEC or BS equivalent standards, LaserBee provides a user-friendly and informative way of reliably calculating laser safety filter requirements and compiling your laser classification database.

Dealing with CW, single pulse or repetitively pulsed freespace lasers or fibre-optic sources, LaserBee references the appropriate European laser safety standards and calculates;

  • Accessible Emission Limits (AEL)
  • Maximum Permissible Exposures (MPE)
  • Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (NOHD)
  • Extended Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (ENOHD)
  • Laser Classifications
  • Scale numbers required for Eye Protectors (EN 207) and Alignment Goggles (EN 208) (Displays results based on either 1999 or 2009 versions)
  • MPE based optical density calculations
  • Beam geometry and radiometric calculations
  • Extended source calculations of AELs, MPEs and NOHDs

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, as well as Mac and Linux, LaserBee boasts a friendly and approachable interface to new users and experts alike. The familiar ‘honeycomb’ design gives the background information required for a good understanding of laser safety issues, whilst the new interface keeps your laser parameters clearly in view while navigating between different tasks using the intuitive, simple tabbed-pane.

LaserBee features a task-specific help panel explaining how to perform tasks and a one-click report generator to produce on-screen printable reports and calculation summaries which can be viewed and saved into a word processing program if required. Illustrations and graphs are used to help, explain and guide the user through the laser safety process and LaserBee also offers the user explanations of its calculations.

Continually evolving with added functionality and ease of use enhancements, the latest version of LaserBee now features;

  • Input boxes, radio buttons etc. have ‘tool tips’ giving specific help for that component.
  • An easy-to-use laser database facility, using a comma separated values format (.csv) file, compatible with most database programs such as Access or Excel etc.
  • Improved access to calculation parameters with added ‘explanation’ panels that give specific details of calculations with parameters such as CF5, T1 etc. clearly listed for comparison with the standard documentation.
  • Selection of the type of divergence calculation (linear or Gaussian Beam)
  • Gaussian Beam calculations, mW to dBm interconversions etc.
  • User selection of the default angular units, default divergence calculation type, etc.
  • Adaptive Computation Entry allowing calculation of pulse energy, pulse rate or average power.

Click here for a video showing a short overview of LaserBee’s functionality, or contact us to purchase LaserBee Laser Safety software or upgrade to the latest version.

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