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Used in a range of laser procedures, HydroAid hydrogel pads gently cool the skin whilst providing a protective barrier against splatter and fumes.


Additional information

Placed between the laser head and the skin, HydroAid can be used with 500-1100nm laser systems without significantly affecting transmitted energy.  The transparent pad provides clean, accurate light coupling between the skin and the laser head and clear visibility of the treatment area.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for a range of treatments such as; laser hair removal, tattoo removal, vascular spider pattern removal and hyper pigmentation removal.  When kept stored in a refrigerator prior to use, HydroAid gel pads provide maximal beneficial skin cooling.

Supplied in multipacks, each pad is individually sealed in a sterile pack for use during treatment and that can be supplied to the client for use at home as a post-procedure cooling and soothing dressing.

It is placed between the laser head and skin to provide the following:

  • Gentle cooling of the skin
  • Optimal visibility of the target structures
  • Accurate, clean contact between the skin and the laser head
  • Protection against splatters and fumes caused by the laser.


  • KIK-HYD-7X12 - (Pack of 10, 7 x 12 cm)


HydroAid Data Sheet.pdf
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