Laser Viewing & Alignment

FJW Find-R-Scope Viewers & Cameras

With spectral sensitivities ranging from 350-2200 nm FJW’s handheld, battery-operated rechargeable infrared and UV viewers & cameras allow direct viewing or remote monitoring in applications as diverse as: LED beam inspection, laser alignment, fibre optic source verification & alignment, fluorescence experiment , surveillance, forensics, art & historic document inspection & restoration.


The industry standard laser thermal-sensitive paper, ZAP-IT is sensitive over a broad spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared, it is used to align external accessories to the laser beam axis, such as beam expanders, lenses, apertures, attenuators and power measuring equipment.


Kentek's VIEW-IT IR and UV detectors feature a high efficiency laser sensitive material that provides an unlimited period of viewing for both pulsed and continuous wave lasers. These products require no charging, use no batteries or external power, yet provide continuous viewing of laser beam shapes.

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