IPL Operator Eye Protection

IPL LGF Frametyle

IPL operator protective eyewear. Filter provides protection from 200-2000nm. Suitable to be worn over most prescription eyewear if required, but equally comfortable when worn by themselves. Adjustable length arms.

IPL XC Framestyle

IPL operator protective eyewear in a close fitting wraparound XC frame style. Filter provides protection from 200-2000nm. Soft comfort fit and adjustable length arms.

Corrective Insert for IPL XC

Optional insert which can be clipped to the inside of the IPL-XC eyewear.

Take this insert to your optician to have your own prescription lenses fitted.

KXL-IPL Spectacle

Operator IPL eyewear in the KXL large fitover frame style, with colour-balanced filters. Available in three different colour filters offering improved visibility of skin features.  Flexible wire temple pieces to adjust fit.  Will fit over most prescription eyewear.

KBS-IPL Blazer Spectacle

Operator IPL eyewear in the adjustable fit-over KBS frame style. Available in three different colour-balanced filters with improved visibility. Will fit over most prescription eyewear.

KXP-IPL Small Spectacle

Operator IPL eyewear in the small KXP frame style for petite heads. Available in either grey, brown or blue colour-balanced filters offering improved visibility.

IPL LightSpeed III

For improved vision LightSpeed autodarkening IPL eyewear has an almost clear lens that goes instantly dark when the IPL flash is detected.

Smartglass M3

Lightweight autodarkening IPL eyewear for the operator. Excellent visibility while offering maximum protection during the IPL Flash.

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