Laser Diode Drivers

Ultra-stable, high precision quantum cascade laser drivers and laser diode drivers, in different formats, are available for a wide range of applications such as biomedical, imaging, spectroscopy, remote sensing, military, aerospace, communications, material processing, environmental and manufacturing control. Laser Diode Safety is paramount and protection is built into every Wavelength Electronics module.


A low noise, minature PCB mount 500mA current source .The FL500 is ideal for driving low power laser diodes where low noise is critical


The WLD3343 is a general purpose laser diode driver that maintains precision laser diode current or stable photodiode current using electronics that are compatible with any laser diode type.


The low noise LDD200 Series 8-pin DIP drivers offer excellent current stability in constant current mode or < 0.02% power stability in constant power mode.

MPL Series

The MPL250 is a very low noise laser diode driver. It operate from +12 to +15 V and is very easy to set up for any laser diode /photodiode configuration.

PLD Series

The PLD Series Laser Diode Drivers deliver the reliable performance in a compact and easy-to-integrate package. Versions are available with outputs are available from 200mA to 12.5 Amps.

Models available

FL500ComponentSMT DIP PCB500mA
FL591FLEval BoardBenchtop or Chassis500mA
FL593FLEval BoardBenchtop or Chassis500mA
LDD200 1, 2 or 3PComponentDIP PCB200mA
LDD400 1, 2 or 3PComponentDIP PCB400mA
MPL250ModuleBenchtop or Chassis250mA
MPL500ModuleBenchtop or Chassis500mA
MPL2500ModuleBenchtop or Chassis2.5A
MPL7500ModuleBenchtop or Chassis7.5A
PLD200ComponentSIP PCB200mA
PLD500ComponentSIP PCB500mA
PLD1250ComponentSIP PCB1.25A
PLD5000ComponentSIP PCB5A
PLD6500ComponentSIP PCB6.5A
PLD10000ComponentDIP PCB10A
PLD12500ComponentDIP PCB12.5A
PLD5K-CHModuleBenchtop or Chassis5A
PLD10K-CHModuleBenchtop or Chassis10A
PLD12.5K-CHModuleBenchtop or Chassis12.5A
WLD3343ComponentDIP PCB2.2A
WLD3343-2LComponentDIP PCB2.2A
WLD3343HBComponentDIP PCB2.2A
WLD3343-3AComponentDIP PCB3A
WLD3343-3LComponentDIP PCB3A
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