QCL Drivers

Benchtop QCL Drivers

Featuring the lowest current noise density of any commercially available QCL driver, they enable lower detection thresholds in gas, liquid, and material sensing systems, with a proven track record of up to an order of magnitude.

QCL Series

Minimise line width, spectral drift, and centre wavelength jitter with low noise control electronics. The QCL Series of low noise quantum cascade laser drivers offers sub-micro-amp RMS noise.

Models available

QCL 500 OEMModuleBenchtop or Chassis500mA
QCL 1000 OEMModuleBenchtop or Chassis1A
QCL 1500 OEMModuleBenchtop or Chassis1.5A
QCL 2000 OEMModuleBenchtop or Chassis2A
QCL 500 LABInstrumentBenchtop500mA
QCL 1000 LABInstrumentBenchtop1A
QCL 1500 LABInstrumentBenchtop1.5A
QCL 2000 LABInstrumentBenchtop2A
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