Laser Safety Clothing

The new BODYGUARD Laser Safety Clothing is certified for the entire wavelength range from UV to IR with the highest possible levels of protection. As such it is suitable for  all currently known lasers types and modes of operation. In addition to affording protection, Bodyguard is skin-friendly, breathable and washable. BODYGUARD products are CE certified in accordance with the requirements of EN11611/EN11612 or EN12477

Bodyguard Cap

The BODYGUARD Laser Safety Cap offers protection of the head and has velcro adjustment for a secure fit.

Bodyguard Bonnet

The BODYGUARD Laser Safety Bonnet offers protection of the head and can be fastened with a comfortable chin-strap.

Bodyguard Gloves

The BODYGUARD Laser Safety Gloves offer laser protection of hands and wrists

Bodyguard Overall

The BODYGUARD Laser Safety Overall offers laser protection from neck to feet in just one garment.

Bodyguard Trousers

The BODYGUARD Laser Safety Trousers offer protection of the torso and legs .

Bodyguard Jacket

The BODYGUARD Laser Safety Jacket offers protection against laser radiation to the arms and upper-body.

Bodyguard Coat

The BODYGUARD Laser Safety Coat offers protection of upper body and upper legs .

Bodyguard Apron

The BODYGUARD Laser Safety Apron offers the torso and upper legs.

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