Wrapped around the WTC3243, the WTC3293-14001 is a mini-instrument temperature controller with a temperature display and onboard adjustments. Simple to set up this handy instrument quickly locks in on to your setpoint.

Additional information

The WTC3293-14401 is configured for use with a TCS610 thermistor. Wire your thermoelectric cooler and thermistor to the board with the cable provided. Add the appropriate DC power supply and indicate the input voltage on the jumper. With the output disabled, adjust the on-board 12-turn trimpot and watch the setpoint temperature change on the 4-digit display. Switch to Actual temperature and display your thermistor temperature. Watch the LED tree to see “over/under temperature” or “stable at setpoint” status. Enable the output current and watch the temperature quickly lock in on the setpoint.

The green LED on the In-Range indicator lights when actual temperature is within 0.05°C of the setpoint. If the actual temperature exceeds the setpoint, the upper LED will light. If it is below the setpoint temperature, the lower LED will light.

The WTC3293-14001 has been designed to work with various thermoelectrics driving up to ±2.2 Amps. It operates with +7 V, +9 V, or +12 V input voltage


WTC3243-14001 Data Sheet.pdf
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