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Astral Calorimeters

Measuring both power and energy, these calorimeters offer a flexible solution for users looking to measure a wide variety of lasers. Both 25 mm and 50 mm calorimeters are available covering average power levels up to 30 watts, peak power densities up to 100 gigawatts/cm², and power densities up to 1500 watts/cm².

Astral Series S Calorimeter

Using the same handheld, rugged metal case as the Photodiode model this calorimeter system can be connected to a range of thermal detectors with apertures from 8mm to 200mm. Suitable for both CW and single pulse energy measurement with options that can measure up to 1000 joules available.

Large Aperture Calorimeters

With diameters of 100mm and 200mm these calorimeters are ideal for large diameter or diverging laser beams. Suitable for both CW and pulsed lasers with average power levels to 100 watts and peak pulse power fluence levels to 100 GW/cm2.

Ultra High Power Calorimeters

Designed to measure higher powers Ultra air cooled calorimeters are able to measure 150 watts of continuous power without the need for water-cooling. With options covering 190nm to 35 µm and energy densities up to 15 J/cm2 Ultra detectors can also measure average power levels of high power pulsed lasers.

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