PolarCam Micropolariser Camera

4D Technolgy's PolarCam™ snapshot micropolariser cameras capture images of multiple polarised angles from each video frame, enabling a range of image enhancement techniques and polarimetric measurements.

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PolarCam is ideal for applications in image enhancement, medical imaging, remote sensing and more.

Proprietary micro polariser technology enables the PolarCams broad spectral response, wide angular bandwidth and high extinction ratio. The micropolariser array is bonded directly to the sensor and includes no moving parts, providing a fully solid state, Division of Focal Plane (DoFP) configuration.

High-resolution PolarCam cameras are available with 0.29, 1.4, 1.8 and 3.8Mp sensors. The video rate of up to 259 full frames per second ensures fast capture of quickly changing scenes. The new CMOS high speed PolarCam can even provide up to 170 frames/second at its full 1248 x 1082 resolution. Using customisable regions of interest the CMOS cameras provide frame rates in the kilohertz range!

Optional PolarView software provides real-time display and calculation of key polarization parameters, including Degree of Linear Polarization (DoLP), Angle of Linear Polarization (AoLP), linear Stokes parameters (S0, S1 and S2) and more. Use the many included tools to process and analyse the data and even save images and movies of each parameter for comprehensive analysis.

PolarCam is available as an OEM camera, or as part of a complete testing system such as the PolarCam Birefringence Testing Station shown above right.

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