PhaseCam Twyman-Green Laser Interferometers

PhaseCam dynamic Twyman-Green interferometers provide high resolution measurements that are insensitive to vibration and air turbulence. PhaseCams capture full wavefront measurements in as little as 30 microseconds (5000 times faster than conventional phase shifting interferometers).

Compact and lightweight and with user-friendly 4Sight software, PhaseCam interferometers make reconfiguring test setups simple and easy, without the need for isolation equipment or air turbulence abatement.

PhaseCam 4020

The PhaseCam 4020 is a compact and lightweight laser interferometer, with simple, manual controls for testing focal optical systems such as large concave telescope mirrors and lens systems, and for multi-segment mirror alignment.

PhaseCam 4020HP

The PhaseCam® 4020HP dynamic laser interferometer includes a high power, 25 mW HeNe laser for low reflectivity.

PhaseCam 5030

The PhaseCam 5030 dynamic laser interferometer can be completely controlled remotely, with remote-operated zoom, focus, beam ratio adjustment, aperture block and reference beam block.

PhaseCam 6000

The PhaseCam 6000 is 4D's most compact and lightweight dynamic laser interferometer. With an easy-to-position, fiber-coupled measurement head and motorized controls, the PhaseCam 6000 is ideal for on-machine metrology, remote mounting in measurement towers or pressure vessels, and other challenging environments.

PhaseCam 4000MW

The PhaseCam 4000 MW dynamic laser interferometer was designed for aligning and phasing the next generation of multiple mirror telescope systems. The PhaseCam MW uses multiple wavelengths to measure large steps, with a 1000 x 1000 achromatic phase sensor capable of measuring features up to 10 mm deep.

PhaseCam IR

4D Technology's PhaseCam® infrared laser interferometers provide accurate surface and wavefront measurements at 3.39 or 10.6 micron wavelengths.

PhaseCam NIR

PhaseCam® NIR systems are compact, lightweight, dynamic laser interferometers for accurate surface and wavefront measurements at near infrared (1.053, 1.064, 1.3 and 1.55 micron) wavelengths.

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