FizCam 2000 (4 & 6 inch)

The FizCam 2000 Fizeau laser interferometer combines vibration tolerance, instantaneous phase measurement, the ability to isolate surfaces, and the ability to measure remote and solid cavities, for highly accurate characterization of telescope optics, general-purpose optics and prisms.

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The FizCam 2000 dynamic laser interferometer simultaneously captures four phase-shifted interference patterns, allowing high-resolution measurement even in the presence of vibration and air turbulence. Its unique design allows instantaneous measurement of a wide range of optical components and systems.

The FizCam 2000’s proprietary laser source enables measurements which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to conduct. These include measurement of thin, plane parallel, transparent surfaces, such as those found in lithography mask substrates, and flat panel display glass. The system can also measure “remote cavities,” in which both the test and reference surfaces are physically separated from the interferometer, as when measuring large telescope and satellite optics.

Extended path matching (which enables cavity lengths to 2 m) and 150 -300 mm aperture options are both available. Look-down and side-mounting options are available.

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