FizCam Fizeau Interferometers

FizCam Fizeau dynamic laser interferometers provide accurate, large aperture measurements even in challenging environments. FizCam laser intererometer systems capture full wavefront measurements in under 1 millisecond, enabling accurate measurement even in the presence of vibration and air turbulence. Their on-axis design eliminates the aberrations, software corrections and painstaking calibrations typically required with tilted beam Fizeau systems.

FizCam dynamic interferometers excel at general optics and large diameter optical component testing as well as analysis of moving parts. FizCam systems are equally at home in the lab or in noisy environments such as production floors and clean rooms. Short and long coherence length options enable difficult measurements such as remote cavities, simultaneous measurement of multiple glass surfaces, or measurements in environmental testing chambers.

FizCam laser interferometers are sold as turnkey systems, including installation, training, the latest computer hardware, and industry-leading 4 Sight data analysis and visualization software.

FizCam 2000 (4 & 6 inch)

The FizCam 2000 Fizeau laser interferometer combines vibration tolerance, instantaneous phase measurement, the ability to isolate surfaces, and the ability to measure remote and solid cavities, for highly accurate characterization of telescope optics, general-purpose optics and prisms.

FizCam 2000 (12 inch)

The FizCam 2000 Fizeau laser interferometer combines vibration insensitivity and instantaneous phase measurement for highly accurate characterization of telescope and general-purpose optics.

FizCam DUV

The FizCam DUV dynamic laser interferometer provides accurate measurement of optics and optical systems at deep ultra-violet wavelengths for lithography applications.

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