4Sight Wavefront Analysis Software

4Sight analysis software is the most comprehensive platform for accurate wavefront analysis and surface shape measurement. Its smart, straightforward interface puts features and displays where you need them. Stable, glitch-free operation boosts productivity, day after day. 4Sight’s Windows-standard menus and screens make learning 4Sight easy, and put impressive analysis power at your fingertips.

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4Sight is the driving force behind 4D Dynamic Interferometers, supporting advanced features such as continuous measurement and dual mode (temporal and dynamic) operation. Fast Acquisition burst mode even lets you generate video of moving or changing samples.

Data access and analysis are also easy and straightforward with 4Sight. The Measurement Screen groups common alignment and measurement controls into one location. The Measurement Stack lets you drag and drop data for comparison and complex manipulation. And the unique Measurement Flow interface lets you visualize all steps in the analysis sequence, from raw interferograms to processed phase.

4Sight has earned a reputation as the industry’s leading software for analyzing interferometric data. Zernike, Seidel, geometric and diffraction analyses are easy to perform. Measurement specific analyses include prism, corner cube and island analysis, as well as the most complete support for measuring large optics.

Numerous tools for data transformation and manipulation help you get the most information from your data. 4Sight’s 2D and 3D displays, masks, filters and palettes let you communicate information about your test samples with unprecedented clarity. 4Sight’s comprehensive data sharing capabilities let you read, write, save and print from most file types, including MetroPro IDL, MatLab, Opticode, Vision, HDF5 and CodeV. Images and tabular data can be cut, copied and pasted to other applications as well.

4D Technology's latest 4Sight release the 2.6 now features a larger memory function and operates under 64-bit Windows 7 operating systems.

4D Technology’s Upgrade Kits let you use the power of 4Sight to extend the life of temporal phase-shifting and dynamic interferometers and greatly increase their capabilities. Upgrade packages are available for instruments from Wyko, Zygo, Veeco, ADE Phase-Shift and others.


  • Easy-to-Learn, Quick-to-Navigate Interface
  • Comprehensive Analysis, Manipulation and Visualization
  • Versatile Data Exchange with Most Popular Data Formats
  • Robust, Reliable Operation for Maximum Productivity
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