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Cox II H with handle

Cox II H is an intra-ocular laser eye shield with an offset handle for insertion and removal.


Additional information

Designed to conform to the globe, with a vault over the cornea, the posterior surface & the rounded edges are highly polished to assure patient's comfort & safety.  Cox II H has an offset handle to facilitate insertion & removal.  The handle is near the lower lid to allow closure without the upper lid pressing on the handle and causing rotation or displacement of the shield.

Please note that Cox II H's are sold singly and not as a pair.

Available in 4 sizes, please select required size and eye.


  • OCU-21-261HL - (COX IIH, X-Small, 22 x 19.5mm, Left)
  • OCU-21-261HR - (COX IIH, X-Small, 22 x 19.5mm, Right)
  • OCU-21-262HL - (COX IIH, Small, 24 x 21mm, Left)
  • OCU-21-262HR - (COX IIH, Small, 24 x 21mm, Right)
  • OCU-21-264HL - (COX IIH, Medium, 25.5 x 23mm, Left)
  • OCU-21-264HR - (COX IIH, Medium, 25.5 x 23mm, Right)
  • OCU-21-266HL - (COX IIH, Large, 27 x 24mm, Left)
  • OCU-21-264HR - (COX IIH, Large, 27 x 24mm, Right)
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