IPL Shade 3/4 XC

IPL operator protective eyewear in a close fitting wraparound XC frame style. Filter provides protection from 200-2000nm.


Additional information

Optional corrective insert (GPT-1011410) allows the user to have their own prescription lenses fitted.

Supplied in protective zipper pouch, with cleaning cloth and headband.

These green wraparound filters are available in Green Shade 3 or Medium Shade 4.

Most operators choose the lighter shade 3 to give better vision however some prefer the slightly darker Shade 4 if they suffer from sore eyes or headaches.

We would recommend a brightly lit treatment area if using the shade 4.


  • GPT-80133 - (Green Shade 3)
  • GPT-80141 - (Medium Green Shade 4)
+44 (0) 1829 773155

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