IPL LGF Framestyle

CE certified IPL protective eyewear.  Filter provides protection from 200-2000nm.  Suitable to be worn over most prescription eyewear if required, but equally comfortable when worn by themselves.  Adjustable length arms.


Additional information

This classic framestyle is available in green Shade 3, or medium green Shade 4 or dark green Shade 5

Most operators choose the lighter shade 3 to give better vision, however some prefer the slightly darker Shade 4 if they suffer from eye discomfort or headaches.

We would recommend a brightly lit treatment area if using the shade 4.

For clients the darker shade 5 is always recommened to provide maximum protection.

Note: For client protection while treating the face or close to the eyes we would always recommend one of our total blocking eyewear options.


  • GPT-9623 - (Green Shade 3)
  • GPT-30141 - (Medium Green Shade 4)
  • GPT-9624 - (Dark Green Shade 5)
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