Disposable Intra-Ocular Shields

A range of laser resistant ocular contact shields for use in periorbital dermatological and cosmetic laser treatments


Additional information

Supplied sterile in individual double wrapped pouches.
Sterilized by gamma radiation, single use only.

Supplied as a pack or 25 they are available in three colour options for use with different laser types:

  1. Yellow for use with pulsed DYE lasers (585-600nm) & YAG (1064nm)
  2. Red for use with RUBY lasers (694.7nm) & Alexandrite (755nm)
  3. Green for use with KTP lasers – (532nm) & YAG (1064nm)


  • MED-LGE1-Y - (Yellow)
  • MED-LGE1-R - (Red)
  • MED-LGE1-G - (Green)
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