Multi-Surface Tuffie 5 Wipes

Alcohol and chlorine free, these multi surface wipes eradicate all major pathogen groups including; Mycobacterium terrae, Clostridium difficile, Candida albicans, Norovirus & MRSA.


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Used to clean and disinfect hard surfaces, non invasive medical devises & equipment, the wipes have been scientifically tested to British and European standards.

With an easy to close lid, Tuffie 5 wipes will not dry out.

Available in a Flexican of 150 wipes, or a Bucket of 225.


  • VER-901SW150FC - (Flexican, 150 Wipes)
  • VER-901SW150FCX6 - (6 x Flexicans, 900 wipes)
  • VER-901SW225BX - (Bucket, 225 Wipes)
  • VER-901SW225BXX4 - (4 x Buckets, 900 wipes)
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