Anesthesia Eye Patch

Anesthesia Eye Patches are used as a quick and efficient way to protect the eye while a patient has been anaesthetised.

This is a replacement for Anesthesia-Aid (31-7500) which have been discontinued by the manufacturer.


Additional information

These latex free hypoallergenic eye shields protect the eye while a patient has been anaesthetised by keeping the eye moist, minimising direct trauma to the eye, preventing corneal abrasions and keeping particles out of the eye.

They are also suitable for other procedures where the eye needs protecting apart from light based treaments.

Current practice is to either to tape the eye, which takes time, is cumbersome with gloved hands, and can cause bruising to the delicate skin around the eye and/or to put ointment in the eye, which can cause temporary irritation. Anesthesia Eye Patches are a faster and more efficient solution.


  • Keeps the eye securely closed, thus reducing moisture loss and preventing direct trauma
  • The adhesive is only around the edge, thus providing a secure fit while not sticking to the eyelashes
  • The convenient tab makes it simple and painless to remove
  • Disposable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made from latex-free material
  • CE marked


  • THE-MM55 - (Box of 50 Pairs)
+44 (0) 1829 773155

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